Commutative Algebra


  • Introduction to Commutative Algebra by M. Atiyah
  • Commutative Rings by I. Kaplansky
  • Steps in Commutative Algebra by R. Y. Sharp
  • Notes in commutative Algebra by A. Haghany

Noncommutative Noetherian Rings


  • An Introduction to Noncommutative Noetherian Rings by K. R. Goodearl and R. B. Warfield
  • Noncommutative Rings by R. C. McConnell and R. C. Robson 
  • Lectures  on Modules and Rings by T. Y. Lam

Noncommutative Algebra


  • Noncommutative  Ring  by I.N. Herstein

  • Associative Algebra by R.S. Pierce

  • Skew Fields by P.K. Draxl

Valuation Theory


  • The Theory of Valuations by O.F.G. Schilling

  • Valuation Theory by O. Endler

  • Valued Fields by A.J. Engler and A. Prestel

Division Rings


  • A First Courses in Noncommutative Rings by T.Y. Lam, Chapter 5 and 6

  • Skew Fields by P.M. Cohn

  • Free Ideal Rings and Localization in General Rings by P.M. Cohn